Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Love you

This is what I say to Jameson possibly hundreds of times a day. I recently told Kevin that it was one phrase I couldn't wait to hear from the mouth of my babe. Well, I heard it today, but it was directed at the dogs. Not exactly the scenario I had imagined in my head all those months. I made him repeat it, and it was still directed toward the dogs. It may have even been Lulu's name (he says wu-wu for Lulu) but I am pretty sure this was a "wuh wu." So, being me, I said, "Jameson can you say: 'Love you Momma?'" and he did. He said it. "Wuh wu, Ma" with a big hug around the neck. Ahhhh, heart melted. I had to yell down the stairs to Kevin who was sitting in his office and ask if he heard it, for the record's sake. Even writing about it makes me feel warm and loved.

I was really lucky today. I got many precious moments today. Kevin gets home from teaching Wednesdays at 6:15 or so, and as soon as Jameson hears the garage he is up in a flash running towards the door. He absolutely cannot wait to greet his Daddy. I love it. It never gets old. Hears the garage, sprints to the door so that he can say "hi" and grab his hand to follow him to the nearest ball.

Part of Jameson's bedtime ritual is saying good night and giving kisses to the dogs and Kevin. If there are other people visiting they also get kisses and good nights. Jameson was in Kevin's arms when I asked Kev if he wanted to read the stories tonight. He had just gotten home from lecturing which is pretty exhausting so he gave me this: "Not tonight, I'm tired look." Jameson was having none of this, he obviously, heard and understood this conversation. When Kevin tried to hand him back to me to take up the stairs, Jameson wrapped his arms around Kevin's neck. We asked if he wanted Daddy to read his stories and he very enthusiastically said yes (or something like an affirmation). So we all trooped upstairs where Jameson began piling books next to Kevin on the bed. I soon noticed he had handed Kevin all his German language books. I started laughing (he never wants ME to read those books). Now, don't get me wrong Kevin speaks German, but he gets self-conscious in front of me, because I laugh at him. So I am a mean wife, but it sounds so cute. Apparently Jameson shares in my joy of teasing Kevin about his accent. What can I say my son has my sense of humor. He loved having his dad read to him, German accent and all. He had a smile that went ear to ear. During "Barnyard Dance" he made him read the first page over and over, just so he could stomp his feet and clap his hands. After one book was finished he would bring another and another. I definitely think this is a ritual that should be continued.

I love my precious moments with my boys. I love watching Jameson and Kevin interact. Just this morning Jameson went over to Kevin's side of the bed and began having a conversation with him that was obviously hysterical, because he kept cracking himself up. We can't for the life of us understand him, but we love that we are getting closer and closer to the day we will be able to understand him. Kevin just kept nodding and laughing back which made Jameson laugh even harder.

I am so lucky to have such awesome boys in my life. Everyday reminds me how much I love them. I love that Jameson has so much Kevin in him, because it helps me imagine what Kevin was like as a little guy. I could go on and on but I won't.

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Patti said...

It is so great to journal or blog about those special moments you never want to forget. I feel the same way each night when I look at my family. We are so blessed. :)

P.S. I tagged you in a blog award on my page! :)