Sunday, November 1, 2009

Snow fun

It snowed A LOT this past week. Jameson, as I have mentioned before, is an outside boy. It doesn't seem to matter if it is cold, windy and snowy he wants to be outside. We were lucky because his Nana and Poppa got snowed in with us for the week and Jameson had so much fun playing with them. They were great sports (literally since he had them playing ball for hours at a time).
The first day of snow about 10 inches

Loving his special time with Nana and Poppa

"I can't put my arms down..."

So happy

He would have stayed outside all day, too bad it was freezing cold!

This was the second snow day about 24 inches

He kept his hat on in the hopes we would let him go back outside

Finally on the 3rd day of snow and a crazy boy with cabin fever it warmed up enough for us to play outside for a good amount of time. This is what he spent his time doing:

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