Monday, November 9, 2009

A no nap kind of day

Jameson did not sleep today, at all. This is not normal for him. The boy needs his sleep and for the most part he doesn't ever fight it. Today was just one of those days he was going to fight it. Its hard for me when he doesn't sleep because I really like my hour to do what I want or need to do. Instead I end up wrestling with a 20-month-old trying to convince him to lay down and close his eyes.

Today he wanted the dogs to sleep with him in his bed, which is normally just fine, but today it was a distraction. He wanted to cuddle with Lexi and "pretend" to sleep. He does a very funny impression of snoring. He can't get the snort, but he breathes really heavy and this is how he mimics sleep. All that to say, it was a LONG day. No nap days are no fun, more than that he is exhausted by the time its bedtime and this evening was no exception. Meltdowns from 2:30pm on. He was very upset when I took his pants off to change his diaper, then he didn't want a new diaper put on. These weren't tantrum tears, they were just tears of pure exhaustion and frustration. He doesn't cry often so I feel so badly when he does have these days. To top the no nap day he is teething big time (still!) and when he is teething he doesn't eat much. So that means he was hungry on AND tired, never a good combo. Since putting him down at 7pm he has already been up once. Something about his blanket, since the blanket got tossed down the stairs I am guessing he was tangled up in it. He was very angry with his blanket. Hopefully tomorrow will be a happy nap day.
This is Jameson pretending to sleep while he cuddles with an overjoyed Lexi.

An update to my sewing post. I did manage to fix my issue. Having some alone time this afternoon I was able to focus on the machine and re-thread it all. It worked and I made Jameson's pants. My new issue is that I hate crotches. I cannot go up one leg and down the other without screwing it up. I sewed the pants. Yippeee! I am sure Jameson is very happy he doesn't live in an era where his mom has to sew his clothes. It is a very easy pattern and now that I know what I am doing it will happen quicker in the future. He has a really long inseam though and even Kevin's "tall" shirts are barely tall enough if I use the side seam.


Alison said...

I wish I had time for a nap today! Glad the sewing went better today...he's going to fit into Kevin's pants soon!

Jennifer said...

Isn't it sad when these little ones just can't control themselves because they are so tired? I hope he's back to taking naps, for both of your sakes! :)

Aimee said...

Yes! He is back to his old napping self!! Thank goodness, because it is exhausting and painful to watch when they are so tired!